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Get NVME SSD Hard Disks in Sri Lanka to Boost Up Performance

Most people tend to focus on upgrading their RAM, changing their processor, or optimize their software when the laptop or desktop slows down.

We’ve heard complaints about how slow Windows or MacOS can get overtime.

What most don’t realize is that the hard disk plays a crucial role in PC performance. Hard disks are usually mechanical – a disk spinning like a wheel which can get worn out with time.

Data reads slower as the disk spinning gets weaker.

Files are randomly placed in different areas of a disk which has to be read by spinning the disk to that location. Imagine opening multiple files at the same time.

Solid State Drives aka SSD Hard Disks are the entire opposite. They have no mechanical spinning requirement. You can access a file and its accessed in a flash.

This is an improved version of the technology used in Memory cards and pen drives.

The SSD’s are much lighter and at least 6 times faster than a standard hard disk at the cheapest range.

Some of the more expensive SSD’s have much higher read and write speed – which is proffered among demanding users in Video Editing and Gaming areas.

We’ve also got you covered with NVME SSD Drives in Sri Lanka that are the size of a RAM.

If you have a laptop or desktop that supports NVME SSD, we suggest you insert a minimum of 120GB NVME for your Operating System (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and a 500GB to 1TB standard hard disk drive for your usual files that don’t affect operating system performance.

Our range of NVME Solid State Drives are reasonably priced with company warranty.