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Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Should the Repeater be from the Router?

If you have a phone or laptop, you can check where you lose 1 bar in your wifi signal – or you could run a speed test to check where the speed starts dropping drastically.

The wifi repeater should not be beyond the point where the signal from the main router drops by 1 bar or loses more speed according to the speed test. This makes sure, the full speed of the main router is boosted to the extended area.

Where to Place the Wifi Repeater?

In a multi-story house, it’s best to plug the main router in the center and plug your repeaters on the top and bottom floors.

In a single-story floor space, it’s best to place the router in the center or where it receives the highest signal – the latter is most preferred if the network signal is only strong in certain areas.

How to Set it Up?

Once the repeater is plugged in, it will start in AP mode by default. This means the repeater has its own IP address which you can log on to using your browser.

This IP address varies depending on the repeater. You can get more step-by-step instructions on setting up the repeater using the instruction manual that comes along with the repeater you purchased.

If you have followed the instructions correctly, you will now have connected the wifi repeater to the Wifi network of your main router. The repeater will now broadcast the same wifi network to an extended radius where the main router signal could not reach.

How far can the signal reach?

This depends entirely on the number of floors, obstructions such as walls, pillars, objects, and more. The more the obstructions, the shorter the signal broadcast range will be.

An average wifi repeater can broadcast up to 400ft in radius in clear open space.

Should the repeater be placed at a higher or lower level?

Higher ground provides a more efficient distribution of the wifi signal from the main router AND the repeater.