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What Can You Do with a Multi Cooker?

A true foodie and kitchen-lover knows that the best of the meals are prepared in a hassle-free environment. The food is not to be merely put on fire but delicately cooked in meal-friendly cookware with love.

If this approach sounds familiar to you then you should definitely check-out, the new trend, a multi-cooker.

Multi-cooker comes with the latest technological features aimed at making pressure cooking much easier, faster, safe, and even fun at times.

However, a question arises, why opt for multi-cookers if the conventional cookers have long been serving us pressure cooked meals? Is there something extra that awaits? See for yourself.

Key Features of Multi Cookers

Slow cooking

Most of the latest multi-cookers are equipped with a slow-cooking feature that allows cooking food at low temperatures and over a longer time. Don’t let the long cooking time deceive you as that’s exactly what slow-cooking aims at.

It lets you cook tough chunks of meat to be more soft, tender, and juicy. Thanks to this built-in feature of multi-cookers, you don’t need to keep a slow-cooker specifically for slow-cooking.

Deep fry

Keep your frying-pan aside as a multi-cooker meets all your deep or normal frying needs effectively. Whether it be French-fries, fried chicken, or any of your favorite late-night snack, you get it all done.

Just pour in some oil, add the ingredients, and set the cooker to fry mode. Wait and enjoy it!


Now you can get your daily-dose of boiled vegetables more quickly. Thanks to the multi-cooker, you can use steaming to prepare healthier food in much less time.

Just add some water and go for the steam mode. The cooker will heat up quickly to produce steam instantly.

Serve it hot

Worried about food getting cold while waiting for the guests? Don’t worry, multi-cooker has got you covered.

A multi-cooker can very well act as a hotpot or microwave and keep the food warm for as long as 8 hours! Even more so, it also allows reheating the food thanks to its high-tech features.


As mentioned above, the slow cooking feature helps with your weekend special pot roast as well. Add the ingredients, place the lid, and watch your meal getting prepared.

Don’t mind roasting an entire chicken in a multi-cooker if you want to next time.


Do you know you can bake a fresh cake right in a multi-cooker? Well, you heard it now. Multi-cookers allow baking cakes, warm bread, pastries, or kids’ all-time favorite chocolate cookies.

You can manually set the baking time as you like. Press the bake button and watch the magic unfold.

Make yogurt

You know how it works. Heat the milk in your cooker, add some yogurt, and place the lid tightly. A multi-cooker will effectively present you with some clean yogurt the next morning without the need for any additional ingredient.

Cook rice

Multi-cookers provide us with various presets for cooking white/brown rice or multigrain foods. In fact, you get separate settings for cooking white or any other type of rice. Also, it will stain or evaporate the rice of any water left.

Final Words

A multi-cooker is an all-in-one cooking appliance with high-tech features to make cooking convenient and fun for us. With its wide range of presets, it’s not limited only to pressure cooking. A multi-cooker is a complete package to innovate our entire kitchen and cooking habits.