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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cookware can you use with Infrared Cookers?

An infrared cooker is similar to a hot plate or gas stove. Once you turn it on, the infrared element gets hot in the circled area.

Anything you place on top of it will feel the heat. So to answer the question, any type of cookware can be used with infrared cookers.


Please note the bottom of the cookware has to be flat. If it’s curved or rounded, you might notice instability and a lot of shaking since the surface of the infrared cooker is flat and smooth.

How much power does the Infrared cooker use?

Infrared cookers usually come with adjustable power consumption. When you adjust the power, the heat varies along with it. Higher the wattage, the higher the heat.

Most popular infrared cookers can be adjusted from 200W to 2000W+ depending on the type and model. Lower the wattage, lower the heat.

Is Infrared more energy efficient?

Unlike hot plates and other electric cookers, infrared cookers heat up quickly. Usually within a few seconds. This saves a lot of cooking time and power consumption.

As mentioned before, the heat level is adjusted by reducing and increasing the wattage.

This is also an energy-saving factor since other electric cookers use maximum wattage to reach desired heat levels, no matter how high or low you set it.

Infrared vs Induction Cooker – Which is better?

Both technologies have pros and cons, but in our opinion, infrared cookers are better for people who expect more freedom in their cooking experience.

Infrared cookers provide a more even heat distribution while cooking and stay hot even when you lift the pan for a few seconds to toss/stir fry etc…

Is Infrared heat healthy and safe?

Infrared heat when cooking is totally safe. It does not have enough power to alter the molecular structure of the food, making it totally safe for human consumption.