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Is an Air Fryer Good for Health?

Air Fryer is undoubtedly good for your health. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying one.

The air fryer is only good enough if you use it for cooking vegetables and lean protein. It cannot reduce the fat content of the foodstuffs you are cooking.

It is a healthy way of cooking because it reduces the consumption of oil; therefore, the additional fats added to your recipes earlier are cut out.

It means that it is healthy only if you have a well-balanced diet. If you use it to cook foods high in saturated fats and consume them regularly, there is nothing an air fryer can do to make them healthy.

Which Food Items Cannot be Air Fried?

Any food that consists of wet batter in significant quantity cannot be cooked in an air fryer. This is because the batter will not set, and it will spread around.

For the same reason, you also won’t be able to get the crispiness you are looking for, and also it will be a mess to clean the fryer afterward.

Similarly, if you’re thinking of frying cheese in it, that is also not a good idea.

Similarly, fresh greens shouldn’t be put in it either. They will not cook evenly. You should boil them first before cooking with an air fryer.

Thus, it is good enough for solid foods, but if you’re dealing with foodstuffs that release liquids or do not have a specific form factor, you are better off preparing them first for an air frying experience.

Do Air Fried Foods Lose Nutrients?

No, air frying doesn’t destroy nutrients in the same manner as traditional cooking methods do. Comparatively, it helps your food retain more nutrients than other techniques like grilling, poaching, or boiling.

If you take the example of vegetables or meat, they usually lose 40% of their nutrients when cooked traditionally. However, the loss of nutrients is much lesser when air frying the food.

The main reason for this is that the surface of the vegetable or meat remains dry when air frying it. It uses hot air to cook the food rather than submerging it in oil altogether.

Another factor that works in its favor is that it circulates hot and dry air rather than humid. The loss of nutrients is much more when the ingredients are exposed to humid air.

All in all, air frying reduces the loss of nutrients, and therefore it is a healthy option.

Is Cooking in Air Fryer Healthier than a Microwave?

Yes, air fryers are even healthier than a microwave. So, cooking in it results in higher retention of nutrients than in a microwave.

Additionally, it retains nutrients while maintaining the crispiness and taste of the food. Because of the same, you get a delicious recipe without compromising on nutrients.

Not only that, constant cooking in microwaves increases acrylamide which once again reduces the nutritional value of food.

All in all, if you compare microwaves against air fryers based on nutrition and health, the air fryer is a clear winner.

Are Air Fryers Worth the Investment?

Yes, an air fryer is worth it because of the less oil it needs to cook. Apart from that, you should buy it for numerous reasons. These include:

Operating an air fryer is very easy. The learning curve is much less than a microwave or other cooking gadget.

Cleaning is much easier than cleaning a microwave or cooking appliance.

Additionally, the amount of nutrition it retains in the food is much higher. It means that you will be using less oil and gaining more nutrition from the food.