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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need special pans for induction cookers?

Yes, magnetic stainless steel and cast iron will work with induction cookers. The cooker will not start until you place compatible cookware on the cooker.

Do Induction Cookers detect Stainless Steel Pots and Pans?

Yes, magnetic stainless steel will work. The results may differ with different steel materials, but yes, they will work.

In order to check for magnetism in your stainless steel cookware, simply place a magnet on your pot or pan and check if it sticks. If yes, then you can use it with an induction cooker.

Do Induction Cookers detect Aluminum Cookware?

No, aluminum is a non-magnetic material. It will not work with induction cookers.

What pans don’t work with induction?

Aluminum, Glass, Ceramic, Clay and nonmagnetic stainless steel will not work.

Does Pan Size Matter?

Using a small or bigger pan won’t matter, but the heat will only distribute from the circled area on the induction cooker.

If the pan is too small, the magnet may not detect the pot, so try your best to use a pan bigger than 16cm in diameter.

Why doesn’t my Induction Cooker start?

The induction cooker will not start if a non-compatible pot or pan is placed on it. Please check if your cookware has a magnetic base. If yes, then get it checked with your seller for internal faults.

E0 Error – What Does This Mean?

E0 = No cookware / Incompatible cookware. If the problem persists with compatible cookware as well, please get your induction cooker checked for faults.