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Benefits of Using an Multi Port Extension Cord in Sri Lanka

The next time you simultaneously charge your cell phone, laptop, and vacuum the room at the same time, do take a moment to thank your multi-plug.

A single power outlet is never enough to meet the needs of all the electric appliances of all the family members. However, multi plugs being a small, handy piece of equipment, makes it all so easy for us.

Just plug it in a wall socket and it’ll reach every corner of your room and allow connecting multiple appliances at a time.

However, there is more to multi plugs and how they benefit us daily without us even noticing.

Connect multiple devices at once

As mentioned above, the first and foremost perk of a multi-plug is its ability to supply power to multiple devices at a time. Often, especially in small apartments, there are just not enough power outlets to cover all appliances.

Even if there are enough, they might be in another room and you have to go through the stress of leaving your bed every time. Otherwise, you can be smart and get a multi-plug installed near your bed and carry on with your tasks.

It’s long enough to cover the entire room

What if you wish to use your laptop while it is being charged but the wall outlet is far and not in reach of your laptop’s charger? Leave your place and move closer to the outlet?

No, that would be dumb. Multi plugs have an extension cord long enough to cover almost every corner of your room. Thus, the problem is solved. You can install a multi-plug and displace it wherever you like.

Helps outdoors

For most of the outdoor events, there may not be a power outlet nearby. Sadly, you can’t use your music speakers or standing fans consequently.

However, with a combination of two or more long wired multi plugs with one end connected to some outlet far away, you can at least get the stuff working.

Similarly, you can place your multi plug in your garden with its one end connected somewhere in a room nearby.

Keep it tidy

With cords running all over in your room and in every outlet, it gives a pretty messy outlook. To prevent tripping on these cords next time, use a multi-plug, and keep it tidy and organized.

Has the right fit for every pin

Whether it be a two-pin charger EU Plug, a three-pin connector UK Plug, or a USB port, a multi-plug has it all. On the contrary, a wall outlet doesn’t have the same luxury.

Safety tips

Like every other electric appliance, multi plugs also hold their hazards. Therefore, they must be used with great care to ensure safety.

  • Never use a worn-out or damaged multi-plug.
  • Use only verified multi-plug of a known company.
  • Don’t pass them through furniture, rugs, and curtains.
  • Don’t use a multi-plug if it overheats a lot.

Final Words

Multi plugs have a simple motto, “Convenience for all.” If you are moving out to a new house, apartment, or hostel, make sure to get at least one or two of these as it’s almost certain you’ll need them.