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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of “Non-Electric”?

Non-electric as the word suggest means the water dispenser has no electric function. It will NOT heat the water or cool it in anyway. It is simply a tap with the body to hold a 19 to 20L water gallon for your convenience.

What does “Dummy” mean?

Dummy is the same as ‘Non Electric‘. The appearance of a dummy dispenser looks similar to an electric unit. It comes with Hot & cold indicators, but it’s only for show.

What is Counter-Top?

Counter-top as the word suggest means the unit can be placed on top of something such as the kitchen counter, pantry, table, office desk etc…

What is Floor Standing?

Floor-standing as the word suggest means the unit is to be placed on the floor. It will be tall enough to access the water dispenser while it’s kept on the floor.

What is Compressor Cooling and how is it different to Electric Cooling Water Dispensers?

Water dispensers with compressor cooling technology function differently to basic electric cooling system.

The cooling system in a compressor based water dispenser is powered by a coolant gas which is similar to that of a refrigerator.

This helps the water cool faster and at a much cooler temperature than the standard electric cooling dispenser.

Why are there 3 taps in some models?

The 3 taps in water dispensers provide 3 different temperatures:

  1. Hot
  2. Normal
  3. Cold