ASTRO Table Top Water Bottle Dispenser Stand (Non-Electric)
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ASTRO Table Top Water Bottle Dispenser Stand (Non-Electric)


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Product Description of ASTRO Table Top Water Bottle Dispenser Stand (Non-Electric)

Manual hand pump water dispenser takes ages to fill one glass of water, and it tires you out at the same time. Portable rechargeable dispenser pumps tend to be unhygienic after prolonged use, not to mention bad battery life. The unit tends to fall off and get damaged due to vibration as well.

With this table top water bottle dispenser stand, you simply place the water bottle (any size upto 20L) upside down into the dispenser. Open the tap at the bottom and have your cups filled in seconds with zero-effort.

Once you are done, pour out the remaining water from the dispenser and wash it off for hygiene purpose.

The dirty bottle spout does not touch the water inside due to the shape of the dispenser.

Lightweight and portable for travel purpose as well.

  • Perfect water bottle dispenser stand for daily usage
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • This Astro table-top water dispenser has an aesthetically appealing design
  • Looks great in your kitchen or at office
  • Non-electric function
  • Can easily fit up-to 20L water bottles
  • Removable tap for easy maintenance
  • Easy to clean, easy to wash

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Astro
  • Type: Table-Top Water Bottle Stand with dispenser tap
  • Power: Non Electric
  • Dimensions: ~10.5 x 8.5 x 9 inches (H x L x W)



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