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Choosing the Electric Option

Breastfeeding your baby is known to be the best way to up bring your child into this world, but many mothers today find it difficult to breast feed their child directly due to flow, skin issues, infections & other unfortunate reasons.

Let’s not prevent your baby’s birthright to have breast milk.

If you are considering a breast pump, here’s why an Electric Breast Pump would be beneficial for you:

The Pumping Frequency

If you are a busy mom, a working mom or simply cannot breastfeed your child due to other reasons, your pumping frequency is going to be higher – ideally more than once a day.

In such a scenario, electric breast pumps are not only time savers, but it helps moms to express milk more quickly and gently than a manual pump.

Controlling the Flow

With an electric breast pump, the suction level is controlled by a programmed setting inside the pump. It starts slow and gradually increases suction strength to make it easy and safer for you. This allows you to pump more frequently without hurting yourself.

The Budget

Generally electric breast pumps are more expensive than manual breast pumps.

At, we are honoured to sell electric breast pumps at a fraction of the market price in comparison to popular brands such as Philips, Medela etc…

Reasons for Manual Pump

The Pumping Frequency

If you don’t plan to pump every single day, you can easily get by with a manual breast pump.

The Budget

Generally electric models are more expensive than manual breast pumps. If you are short on budget, manual breast pumps would be the way to go.

Why the Low Price?

We believe breast feeding is a birth right for all babies and we at would like to play a role in helping babies claim their birth right without finding opportunities to profit from sensitive moments like this.