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New Born Baby Items: Shopping List for First Time Moms in Sri Lanka

Congratulations! If you are reading this then probably, you are expecting a baby. Being a new mom can be exciting but worrying as well because the precious being needs to be treated with the utmost care.

Where will the baby sleep? What clothes should I get? How do I feed the baby? How to carry the baby in the car? We have so many queries in mind and have a hard time deciding what stuff to get for the baby.

Well, worry not as we have got your covered all the way. Welcome to the baby shopping list for first-time moms. Here, you’ll find every essential baby item needed to give the baby a warm welcome. Let’s get started!

Baby car seat

Just as a seatbelt is for adult safety, a baby car seat protects your baby in case of an accident. Even if you are going for a short drive at a slower speed, a small impact can prove fatal for the baby since it is so fragile. Therefore, a baby car seat is a must-have item for child safety.

However, make sure you are using the baby seat properly. The seat must be placed in the back seat facing backward. Buckle the baby properly and make sure the seat is held firmly. Also, note the baby car seat is to be used for babies up to 22-35 pounds.

Baby stroller

If the babies could speak, the first thing they might ask you is to get them a stroller. A baby stroller provides a comfy place for the baby to rest in while you take him/her for a walk. It’s much easier to carry the baby in a stroller rather than holding it in arms.

Your baby enjoys the venture by observing and interacting with the surroundings while you can rest easy. Baby strollers, if used correctly, promise better safety for the baby. Make sure to harness the baby rightly, adjust the footrest, and check if the wheel brakes are working correctly.

Baby bouncer

A baby bouncer is a great way to occupy the time of a baby especially when you are busy with chores at hand. It is a flexible freestanding seat that springs up & down as the baby kicks and thus baby feels like it is being tended.

A baby bouncer is best suited for newborns who yet cannot crawl or lift their head. Make sure to follow the weight limit for a baby bouncer that is typically around 25-30 pounds.

Baby rocker

Having trouble putting the baby to sleep? Try a baby rocker and see the magic. A baby rocker resembles a lot like a baby bouncer but it is intended for sleep time.

A baby rocker provides a soft and snuggly seat for the baby to rest while it’s to & for movement helps to put the baby to sleep much faster. This way you can finally rest your arms and let the seat do the rocking for you.

Baby carrier

A baby carrier is a padded piece of cloth that holds a baby and is supported on your front. It is a convenient alternative to holding the baby in your arms and saving your arms from fatigue.

Using a baby carrier also omits the risk of accidentally dropping the baby when playing or moving. You can easily walk around with the baby wrapped around your chest feeling the mother’s warmth. With the hands-free, you can carry on with your tasks.

Baby crib

A baby crib is a bedstead designed for babies that is enclosed with high bars. It is a safe option for the baby to sleep in as the baby cannot roll over and fall off the bed or a parent cannot accidentally lay on the baby in sleep and suffocate it. You can forget about the baby toppling over the bars and getting out of the crib itself. Moreover, a baby crib has ample space for the baby to sleep and the parents can enjoy a good sleep as well.

Baby feeding chair

If you want to protect your precious sofa fabric from food stains, get yourself a baby feeding chair. Babies sure make a lot of mess when feeding. In this regard, a baby feeding chair provides a wide tray/space for the baby to experiment with the food. So, you can go easy even if the baby makes a mess.

Secondly, when served food at hand, babies learn to feed themselves which promotes healthy eating habits. A baby feeding chair is high enough for the baby to feel like he is sitting at a dining table which promotes confidence in the baby.

Baby cupboard & drawers

Let your baby has its cupboard and drawers to explore. Babies are curious about everything and providing them a space of their own will keep them occupied for good. The baby will surely enjoy independence and may learn to organize its belongings. Also, it will easier for you as a mom to keep all the baby’s belongings in one place and fetch them whenever needed.

Baby playpen

A playpen is like a mini-room or an enclosed space in which a baby is placed to keep it safe from harm or injury when the parents are away. A baby playpen is a very handy piece of furniture that lets you leave your baby unattended while you are away. Since it is enclosed and padded well, a baby is safe from any potential injury. Using a playpen gives babies a chance to explore on their own, promotes independence, and makes them habitual of spending time alone. Parents can also cope with any emergency they have.


A playmat provides a colorful and vibrant ground for the baby to have fun and explore. It is a good first step towards early development where the baby learns to identify colors, reason, and solve puzzles.

A play mat is stuffed with bright colors, mini-games, and puzzles that aid the baby in visual sensory development and reasoning skills. Plus, it is padded well so don’t worry about the baby harming itself. Due to its lightweight, you can place the playmat just about anywhere you like; or wherever the baby likes.

Feeding pillow

A feeding pillow also knows as a nursing pillow, is a soft U-shaped pillow that a breastfeeding mother wraps around her waist. It helps the mother in feeding the baby by providing spinal, neck, and back support to her.

A newborn can feed as much as 10-12 times a day. Holding the baby for that long can be tiresome for the mother. However, a feeding pillow supports the baby well and alleviates it to the right position to feed while the mother can rest easy. A feeding pillow also works for bottle-fed babies.

Breast pump

A breast pump allows the mother to store her breast milk in a bottle to feed the baby later when she is not around. This way the baby never misses a meal and can enjoy breastfeeding even if the mother is away.

A breast pump is a quite handy equipment especially for working mothers who have to leave their baby for work. There are two types of breast pumps; manual and electric. A manual breast pump works by air suction done by hand while electric breast pump is automated. Every mother should have a breast pump in case any emergency arises and she has to leave the baby unintended for some time.

Breast pads

Also knows as a nursing pad, a feeding pad is placed inside the bra of a nursing mother. It is a breastfeeding accessory that absorbs any milk that may leak when breastfeeding. A breast pad prevents the leaked milk from staining the clothes or causing any embarrassment while feeding. You are probably going to need one of these as a new mother.

Nipple protector

A nipple protector works as an artificial nipple for a nursing mother who is facing latch problems. If you have inverted or flat nipples, chances are you have trouble breastfeeding the baby as the baby cannot latch onto the nipple. In such cases, a nipple protector provides a suction point for the baby to latch onto. Do consult a doctor first if you are considering using a nipple protector.


Babies bathing in the little tub; don’t they look cute? A bathtub is a must-have item to ensure a safe and fun bath for your baby. It’s shallow enough to keep the head out and often comes with a headrest for the baby to support its head. Secondly,  a baby bathtub is non-slippery and prevents the baby from slipping and hurting itself. After bathing, you can simply drain out the water via a drain plug.

Baby potty chair

Once a baby is 18-24 months old, it’s about time for their potty training. A baby potty chair is used in this regard where a baby is made to sit and poop. The contents of the potty chair are disposed of off once the baby is done. Potty training is an essential part of growing up and you should definitely consider getting a potty chair for your baby. It’s portable and comes in varying colors as well.

Baby soaps and lotions

In the early months, a baby’s skin is very fragile and prone to dryness and rashes. Luckily, we have baby skincare products such as moisturizing lotions and baby wipes that tend to dry skin and prevent diaper rashes. For hair, make sure to use an anti-tear baby shampoo that prevents irritation in the eyes when bathing the baby.

Feeding bottles

A feeding bottle or feeder is one item that you should arrange in advance even before the baby is born because you’ll be needing it a lot. Typically, a baby is ready to be bottle-fed once it is 2-4 weeks old. Try feeding the baby with the bottle once or twice a day along with breastfeeding to make it familiar with bottle-feeding. Have more than one bottle so that you don’t have to wash one every time.

Milk storage containers

According to a study, breast milk left out at room temperature is only good for about 4 hours after which it may be unsafe to consume. Therefore, to store or freeze breast milk, we have breast milk storage bags.

These bags are hygienic, BPA-free, and much thicker than plastic bags. Therefore, you can store breast milk in these containers and place them in the refrigerator. This way, breast milk can stay safe for as many as eight days and you can always leave the milk at home for someone else to feed the baby if you are away.

Bottle brush

Babies have a very sensitive immune system and taking any risk on hygiene is out of the equation. Therefore, cleaning the bottle thoroughly with a brush after every feed is necessary to keep it free of pathogens and bacteria. Make sure to scrub the inside of the bottle properly with a stiff yet flexible brush while washing it with soap and water.

Bottle teats

Teats the rubberized nipples on the feeding bottle where the babies suck from. Teats are available in varying shapes and sizes and you’ll be changing them a lot as the baby grows. For younger babies, you need a teat with a smaller hole that passes milk slowly as the baby feeds. As the baby grows, replace the smaller teat with a larger one that allows a faster flow. Also, if a teat is damaged or has a leak, replace it immediately.

Diaper bag

A diaper bag can store all the baby essentials one may need. It has ample space with lots of pockets where you can place diapers, wipes, tissues, napkins, baby lotion, and other related accessories. However, make sure not to over-burden it as you need to have it portable.

Baby pacifier

A baby pacifier helps soothe a crying baby and put it to sleep. Some babies have a really strong urge to suck and a baby pacifier satisfies this reflex to calm the baby. For some reason, the babies can’t resist sucking onto the pacifier and there is no harm in letting them do so.

Final Words

Studies show that the first four years of a child’s life are the most critical for its mental and physical health. To avoid leaving out anything for the good of your precious one don’t hesitate to serve your angel with all the items necessary. But remember, more than all the items on the list what your baby needs the most is your love and care.

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