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What Can You Do with a Mixer Grinder in Sri Lanka?

When considering the top vital kitchen appliances, one cannot simply omit a mixer grinder. How else would you make your favourite smoothie, milkshake, or pastes?

If you wish to revert to beating the ingredients yourself with a mortar and pestle, then be my guest. Otherwise, you can get a mixer grinder and get it all done in a jiffy.

A mixer grinder is a common kitchen appliance used to grind, crush, or mix the ingredients using its blades and automated system.

It serves many purposes when cooking and helps you amply to prepare meals.

Here are some prominent uses of a mixer grinder that can make cooking a whole lot easier for you.

Make purees

With a baby in the house, you might be already looking for all sorts of flavorsome purees for the little one. To do so, there is no more convenient way than using a mixer grinder. Simply add the fruits, ingredients, or any flavours, in the mixer grinder and blend them.

Make your own spices

If you are a spice-lover and delicate about the proportion of an ingredient in the spice, then a mixer grinder provides an easy solution. You can now make your own spices by selecting the ingredients and grinding them together. A mixer grinder will produce the dry spice powder in no time.

Prepare fine sugar

Mixer grinder smoothly crushes granulated sugar into powdered fine or bar sugar. This comes in handy when making desserts and puddings as fine sugar dissolves more readily.

Make fresh juices

Add some fresh fruits and grind them away. Your nutritious and mineral-packed morning drink is ready!

Prepare pastes

Ginger and garlic pastes are a necessity in almost all meat or chicken meals. A mixer grinder can easily crush the garlic and ginger into a paste which is tough to do otherwise. Likewise, Tamarind and tomato paste can be readily prepared.

Smoothies, milkshakes, and ice-creams

With a mixer grinder, you can get your daily dose of healthy milkshake or smoothie by easily blending the ingredients. You can also whip other liquids or creams if you have something else in mind.

Grind meat

While meat is hard to crush, a mixer grinder makes it easy to grind the meat to make several of the meat products like burger patties, sausages, meatballs, and kebabs.

Knead dough

No more physical labour for you since a mixer grinder will knead the dough for you as well. Kneading the dough in a mixer is much quick and hassle-free.

Just add some flour and water in the mixer and it will prepare the dough in as much as 2 minutes. From there, you can go on to make bread, sweet pastries, or whatever you like.

Final words

With a mixer grinder, you have the versatility to chop from anything like clover, black pepper, cardamom to all sorts of fruits, and even hard-to-chop food items like meat, nuts, and vegetables.

In Sri Lanka, where flavour is in every aspect of a dish, using a mixer grinder helps you with a variety of meals and cuisines while keeping it clean and stress-free.