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14 Housewarming / Wedding Gift Ideas in Sri Lanka

The world today is filled with many occasions for gifting be it a wedding, housewarming, mothers day, fathers day, Children’s day, birthday, anniversary and more. Whichever the occasion it may be, it’s very important that you understand the event before narrowing down your list of gift ideas.

A wedding / housewarming is different from other personal occasions such as birthday, anniversary or a mothers day.

On a wedding, the gift has to be useful and beneficially for the couple as a whole to celebrated and enjoy together. It doesn’t matter if the bride or groom is your closest friend or relation.

A housewarming party is when the host invite people to celebrate their moving into a new home. On this occasion, a housewarming party gift has to be useful and beneficial to the house, which would ideally be suitable for the home and the people in it.

Something personal like a hair straightener can be gifted on a birthday or anniversary, but not on a public occasion that celebrates the couple or the family as a whole.

Choose a wedding gift is the same as choosing a housewarming gift. There may be slight differences but in present age, the difference gap has become more smaller due to the population involved.

Setting the Gift Budget

Based on experience, most of the budget spent on a wedding or housewarming gift depends on your relationship to the couple.

Budget of office colleagues may be different to that of close friends and family.

There is also the pool-in or individual budget.

It’s best to discuss with your peers invited to the event to decide on a gift an budget, but below is the commonly recognized budget in 2021 which may change in the future due to economy and inflation.

Family, Close Relations & Friends: Rs. 5,000 to 10,000/-
Far Relations, Colleagues, College mates etc..: LKR 1000 to 5000/-
The high end of the budget is based on the couple’s standard of living and your personal income level.

In short, below are the list of recommended and best selling products at that most customers purchase for a wedding gift or housewarming party.

Trending Gift Ideas

Waffle Makers

The best-selling gift is the waffle maker. It’s unique, trendy, and something different from the usual gifts that couples or families receive in such events.

Coffee Makers

Most believe a coffee maker in Sri Lanka belongs in an office, but that’s not true anymore. Coffee is loved by everyone be it at home or in the office. Wouldn’t you want to start the day with a fresh cup of perfectly brewed coffee?

Air Fryers

At, Air fryers are quite popular for gifting. Using an air fryer in Sri Lanka is the next step to a healthy lifestyle. Surrounded by oily food options, it’s wise to take a day or two off from the week with healthy air fried foods.

Electric Meat Mincers

An electric meat mincer in Sri Lanka is not the most commonly considered gift item. Fortunately, at, we have noticed quite a few customers requesting urgent deliveries of meat grinders, both large and mini to take along for a wedding.

Hot plate

With the rising cost of gas in Sri Lanka, electric hot plates and induction cookers have become essential appliances in every household kitchen. Gift an electric cooker and you will be remembered as a hero every time there is a gas strike or lockdown.

Pop Up Toaster

Bread is a universally daily staple all around the world and most of us love a fresh crispy toast with added spreads like jam, nutella, butter or cheese etc… A pop up toaster in Sri Lanka is quite popular as a gift option amongst the older generations who understand the importance of this appliance.

Electric BBQ Grill

Barbecue events are the most ideal excuse for friends and family to get together in Sri Lanka. We love tender juice meat and vegetables with spices and flavors. At, we believe in smokeless cooking to prevent disturbance to neighbors. Furthermore, an electric BBQ grill can be used indoors even during a rain day.

Water Dispenser

A water dispenser is something that can be found mostly in an office. With abrupt weather conditions and impure tap lines in many apartments, most families now use mineral water gallons from reputed suppliers.

Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are another very popular gift option in Sri Lanka. Most options can go beyond the normal budget, but we offer hand held vacuum cleaners in Sri Lanka that does the job well at a 3rd of the price.

Rechargeable Fan

Sri Lankan is well known for its irregular power supply. It can be due to weather conditions or simply maintenance. A rechargeable fan is an excellent lifesaving gift idea for any household be it for a wedding or housewarming.

Kitchen Rack

A good-looking kitchen rack can amplify the beauty of the kitchen. The kitchen rack we sell is a multi-purpose trolley that can be used for storing things in your kitchen, office, children’s toys or even use as a movable bedside. The design looks great anywhere in the house.

4 Burner Cooker

A 4 burner hob in Sri Lanka is usually a high-budget gift option that friends or family pool into gift the married couple or take for a housewarming. It’s more elegant than a standard 2 burner cooker and stays memorable in the minds of those you gift to.

Bed Table

A bed table can be used for dining on the bed or to keep your laptop on and get some productive work done. This is a very trending gift option at

We hope these gift idea options for wedding gifts and housewarming can help you make a faster decision and hopefully shop at