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New Born Baby Items: Shopping List for First Time Moms in Sri Lanka

Congratulations! If you are reading this then probably, you are expecting a baby. Being a new mom can be exciting but worrying as well because the precious being needs to be treated with the utmost care. Where will the baby sleep? What clothes should I get? How do I feed the baby? How to carry […]

7 Essential Car Accessories for your New Car!

They say that our car is not just a mere transport; it’s our mini-home where you travel in with your friends and families. Going on a family vacation, dropping off your kids at school, going on a date; we have so many memories attached, don’t we? Whether it is for transport, racing, showing off, or […]

Deliveries Have Begin During Curfew Hours

The COVID-19 is a deadly issue and not to be taken lightly. After great patience, we have managed to find safe delivery agents within Colombo and Suburb areas. Please check our list below for areas covered during this COVID-19 lock-down. 2020. This list will be updated regularly for additions or removals of areas covered. Colombo […]


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