SOKANY 2-Slice Pop Up Toaster HJT-016S
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SOKANY 2-Slice Pop Up Toaster HJT-016S


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Product Description of SOKANY 2-Slice Pop Up Toaster HJT-016S

Trying to toast your bread slices on a pan? Did it get too brown? Each slice is at a different toast level?

Get perfect toast every time with this Sokany two-slice pop up toaster.

Say goodbye to breakfast worries. Breakfast gets easier with the SOKANY 2-Slice Pop Up Toaster. The design of this compact appliance fits easily on any countertop with minimal space usage. This can toast two slices of bread at a time.

Easy-to-use, it features a six-degree browning control so you can toast the way you like it while its compact design and high-gloss black finish will add a modern feel to any kitchen.

Enjoy great toast no matter fresh or frozen bread with this compact toasters. Features an extended heating platform for more even toasting, defrost to toast straight from frozen and variable browning control for individual preference.

  • Toast 2 Slices at a time
  • Achieve perfectly browned toast each and every time!
  • Cool touch side panels
  • Push tray for easy cleaning
  • Bread Push Button
  • Non-slip base and protective cord
  • Dual side toasting and auto-pop technology
  • Environmentally friendly stainless steel


  • 800 W
  • 220 – 240 V 50 Hz
  • Model – HJT-016S
  • Color: Black & Silver
  • Stainless steel internal
  • Product dimensions: 16 x 23.2 x 12.5cm


As a Sri Lankan, nothing serves our morning better than a cup of coffee and hot slices of fresh toasts.

Thanks to a bread toaster, you get hot, evenly cooked, and delicious toasts that you can enjoy with butter, jam, honey, or whatever you prefer.

If refrigerated and raw bread seems displeasing to your taste buds, then you should go for a pop-up toaster. However, with several types and models of pop-up toasters available in Sri Lanka, one may get confused as to which type to get.

Pop-up toasters, also known as a regular toaster, is as simple as it comes. You use it by placing the slices in the slot from the top. The toaster then heats the bread and once done, the toasts are simply popped-out from the slots.

SOKANY Pop Up Toaster is easy-to-use and get the job done without much hassle.




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