Relaxing Foot Rest Hammock
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Relaxing Foot Rest Hammock


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Relaxing Foot Rest Hammock

Make your next flight more comfortable with the Airplane Foot Hammock.

This little hammock allows you to elevate your feet or legs in a relaxing manner and make the best use of the space available to you.


Makes plane rides comfortable. Provides you comfort and support for a more enjoyable trip.

Allows lifting of feet or legs in many different positions to prevents cramps, swelling and back pain.

Relax without bothering others.

No more leaning your seats to relax legs and feet.

Let you relax while giving much space to the person behind you.

Easy to install/use. Simply attach the straps to the tray table, and put your feet and legs inside the hammock.

Done! The straps are adjustable up to 50 cm to fit different leg width and sizes.


Lightweight, foldable, and comes with its own drawstring pouch.

You can conveniently stash or hang in your carry-on, bag, or luggage when it’s time to go.


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