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A Guide to Bread Toasters in Sri Lanka

As a Sri Lankan, nothing serves our morning better than a cup of coffee and hot slices of fresh toasts.

Thanks to a bread toaster, you get hot, evenly cooked, and delicious toasts that you can enjoy with butter, jam, honey, or whatever you prefer.

If refrigerated and raw bread seems displeasing to your taste buds, then you should probably go for a bread toaster. However, with several types and models of bread toasters available in Sri Lanka, one may get confused as to which type to get.

Don’t worry as our guide will help you out to choose the right one.

Types of Bread Toasters

1. Pop-up toaster

Pop-up toaster, also known as a regular toaster, is as simple as it comes. You use it by placing the slices in the slot from the top. The toaster then heats the bread and once done, the toasts are simply popped-out from the slots.

Pop-up toasters are easy-to-use and get the job done without much hassle. Also, they are available in two and four slots for slices with the later one being more expensive.

  • Despite that, pop-up toasters are relatively affordable and easily available.
  • One downside to pop-up toasters, however, is that some models have small slots and larger slices may not fit consequently.
  • You can’t expect to toast any other product expect a medium-sized slice of bread using such models.

2. Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens are not restricted to just toasting bread. They can bake cookies, cook pizza, roast asparagus, and even bake eggs.

To do so, it has options like bake, toast, reheat, and defrost. Toaster oven resembles a lot like a microwave oven but with a smaller size and few features.

  • It allows custom settings like manual temperature preset and varying options as mentioned above. Thus, you can prepare a whole lot of meals.
  • However, note that toaster ovens are much more costly and will occupy more space.
  • Not to forget, it is not as easy to use as a pop-up toaster.

3. Sandwich toaster

Otherwise known as a grill toaster, a sandwich toaster is specifically used to make sandwiches (shouldn’t come as a surprise). You need to place the slices of bread, with filling in between, plane in the sandwich toaster.

Add some oil if you wish to. Close the lid and turn the toaster ON. A sandwich toaster makes a perfect triangle sandwich with no leaks or breaks.

  • However, do remember that expect a sandwich, there is little that you can make with a sandwich maker.

4. Conveyor toaster

This is no mere ordinary bread toaster. A conveyor toaster uses chain-powered belts that carry bread or anything else through heat chambers for toasting.

You can control the belt speed, temperature, and even the brownness of your product.

  • Note that conveyor toaster is fairly costly and is commonly used commercially in bakeries and cafes.
  • It provides much versatility for toasting or baking products thanks to its wide set of features.


Here, we have the four basic types of bread toasters you’ll be encountering in the Sri Lankan market.

If all you need is toasting bread, then a pop-up toaster meets all your needs. However, if your taste buds desire for something extra, don’t hesitate to opt for other options available.