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Why Use an Electric Hot Plate Cooker in Sri Lanka?

Small kitchen?

A hot plate is ideal for any small area that lacks the space for a gas cooker.

A gas stove would require a place for the cooker, and a place for the cylinder. A healthy hose would also be very important.

Electric hot plates on the other hand take very little space and can easily be started up with the press of a button. All you need is a plug socket.

Travel much?

Hot Plate cookers also come in handy for those who like to cook while traveling. It would not be easy to carry around a gas stove with a cylinder wherever you go.

Don’t want to depend on gas?

Changing the gas cylinder can be another tiresome task as well – not to mention constantly monitoring the gas level in the cylinder. You don’t want yourself stranded with an empty gas tank halfway while cooking.

Maybe the nearest gas cylinder dealer is far away and it’s annoying to have it replaced.

Great backup for emergencies

Same reason as above – you can always depend on an electric cooker in case you run out of gas in the middle of the night when you really crave that dish you were in the process of cooking.