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MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro – Which One to Buy?

Getting a new MacBook in Sri Lanka sounds exciting, and it’s also very rewarding. But the challenge here is actually figuring out which MacBook you should buy, which one of these units is actually delivering the value you expect.

You have the MacBook Air, but you also have the MacBook Pro that you can go for. Let’s see which is the better option for you and which one you should buy right now.


Both MacBook Pro and Macbook Air have aluminum shells and the colors are similar. The thing that differentiates them is that the MacBook Pro is designed for people that need a lot of processing power.

The MacBookAir is a lot lighter and it has a smaller form factor. It also comes in gold, which the MacBook Pro does not.

That being said, the MacBook Air doesn’t have a lot of ports. You just get 2 Thunderbolt ports, so it could be a lot better.

If you go for the premium MacBook Pro, this one has 4 Thunderbolt ports and a variety of other ports for external displays and so on. Basically, the connectivity is better on the MacBook Pro.


The MacBook Air usually has a similar processor with the others, however it normally comes with integrated graphics and less storage.

The memory is anywhere from 8 to 16 GB, whereas the MacBook Pro can have up to 64 GB of RAM. There’s also no touch bar on the MacBook Air, the Pro has that.

The Thing that really makes the MacBook Air great is the overall weight of 2.8 pounds. Considering the more expensive MacBook Pro has 4.3 pounds, that’s a significant difference if you want the utmost portability.

Battery life

Despite the fact that the MacBook Air has a smaller form factor, it does provide a pretty good battery life. You can get around 9.5 hours out of the MacBook Air. As for the MacBook Pro, it bumps the battery life a little, towards 10.5 or 11 hours.

As you can see, this is not a massive difference, so you are indeed seeing some great benefits if you want the best portability which comes with MacBook Air.


Since the MacBook Pro has better specs, it does offer a much better performance. You can also play intense and demanding video games on the MacBook Pro, which is not possible on the MacBook Air.

The SSD speed is better for MacBook Pro too, leaving the MacBook AIR in the dust basically. Overall, if you want to work on the road or at home without using a computer, the MacBook Pro can be the ideal option.

Who is each unit for?

The MacBook Air is for that person that does all kinds of simple tasks on their computer. If you’re a casual user that just writes content, checks their email or watches videos, the MacBook Air will do just fine.

But as soon as you enter the world of video editing, working with performance-focused apps and anything that requires more horsepower, the MacBook Pro will be the better option.


As you can see, each MacBook laptop has its own target market. They both run great, so it’s just a matter of obtaining the best results based on what you use the unit for.

If you need a lot of performance, then you have to go for the MacBook Pro, but if you just want a lightweight, very portable laptop, the MacBook Air is the right option.

Take your time, study both specs and your budget, this will help you find the right MacBook to suit your needs!